Educator of the Week – Johnson

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LEXINGTON, Tenn. – Nicki Johnson might seem like your ordinary Algebra 2 teacher at Lexington High School, but she is willing to go above and beyond for her students. Ms. Johnson attended the University of Tennessee at Martin and started teaching eight years ago. She says she loves her job, but it does come with challenges. “I have a lot of students who are at a disadvantage since they do not have internet access at home, or they can’t afford a good algebra 2 calculator or graphing calculator,” Johnson said. That’s why Ms. Johnson takes the time to stay before and after school to make sure her students get the extra help and tutoring they need. “I give up a few planning times a week to give tutoring and come in early so if they get off the bus, I can be here,” she said. “Sometimes this is all kids can do. Its worth a little bit of my time to help them if there willing to do the work.” Ms. Johnson said she enjoys the challenges, and most of all, she enjoys seeing her students succeed and master the problems. Her biggest hope is that other teachers, and hopefully her previous professors at UT Martin, will enjoy her students as much as she does. “It was a great school and I am friends with several of the math professors still. I hope that they enjoy my math students when they get there and that they feel that they’re prepared for the class.”

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