Madison County Solar Farm Plans on Hold

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JACKSON, Tenn. — A solar farm could soon come to Madison County. People who live in the Denmark community say they do not want it. County leaders tabled the issue on Wednesday. “Our family has lived out there forever,” said Kimberly Miller, a property owner. Miller lives near the intersection of Highway 138 and Highway 70, not far from where the solar farm would be built. “We just like to keep it how it is, “Miller said. “If we wanted to see city sites we’d live in the city.” Opponents voiced their reservations at the public hearing. “We just love it and we just want to keep it that way it is,” Shirton Transou said, a concerned citizen. Supporters talked about the positives of clean energy. “It’s a stable fixed cost of power over a long period of time,” Kyle West said, Senior Project Developer with HelioSage Energy. West works for the company handling the project. “We’d like to go out in the community and meet with folks and understand your concerns and address them as best we can,” West said. West says the solar farm will increase tax revenue for the county and create between 100 and 150 temporary jobs. “We want everyone in the community to be happy with this project and supportive of this project at the end of the day,” he said. The Madison County Board of Zoning Appeals tabled the issue. “We’re gonna see this through the end because we do not want it in our community,” said Miller. The board plans to revisit the issue when the solar company approaches them again.

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