Burglars Steal Expensive Tools from Home Under Construction

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EASTVIEW, Tenn. – A local construction worker and his crew are out of work after returning to a site to find the house had been burglarized. “I feel like they violated me by taking tools,” burglary victim Scott Freeland said. “They come into your space and take tools, what’s to stop them from going into someone else’s space where their might be inhabitants in there.” Investigators said the criminals popped the lock and entered through a side window of the Eastview home, taking off with more than $2500 in tools. They left items like drywall and siding, but took off with a key piece of the home. “Now we have to not only replace all the tools, but they took the window,” Freeland said. “So we have to cut out the window and there’s more construction involved, so that makes even more work for us.” Investigators said the thieves were watching the house and knew exactly what they were doing when they broke in to steal the tools. But what makes the incident worse is the property owner was building the house to help someone in need. “I want to help out people that are down on their luck, people that don’t have the means or don’t have the credit rating and be able to buy a house,” Freeland said. “It’s a sad situation when someone that’s helping other people their whole lives gets burglarized, and their items get taken and they can’t even finish a project that was intended for someone else’s use and to better someone else,” Investigator JP Kellum with the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department said. Now, Freeland is stuck deciding whether to wait and hope his property is recovered, or go ahead and replace the expensive tools so he can get back to work. “It’s going to be a slowdown to repair this house,” Freeland said. If you have any information that can help solve this case, contact the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department.

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