Police: Elderly Woman Attacked By Pit Bull

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UNION CITY, Tenn.- An elderly woman is home recovering after Union City police said she was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull on Wednesday. “He was on top of me and jerked me over this way and that way,” recalls Lillie Williams, 78. Williams’ hand and arm are in bandages, and she claims the dog was off its leash when it jumped on top of her. “The dog came from behind me and I tried to make him go away,” Williams said. “I tried to get my little dog back to the house.” Williams claimed she was on the ground for several minutes before help arrived. “She was hollering for help and saying it had been wallowing all over her,” Becky Jackson said, who happened to drive-by and witness the dog on top of her. “Her hand, the skin on her right hand was all torn off,” Jackson said. Williams was treated at a local hospital for the cuts. She told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the dog never bit her, but its claws did the damage. Jackson sais the dog was never aggressive towards her when they pulled it off of Williams, but does fear what could have happened. “What if we hadn’t come along?” Jackson asked. The dog’s owner, Betty Spurlock, was cited for harboring a vicious animal. She will appear in court on April 28. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News went to Spurlock’s residence and knocked on her door, but got no response. Union City police said the dog is under quarantine.

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