Middle School Yearbook Features Augmented Reality

This video is no longer available.

MEDINA, Tenn. – The images in the yearbook for Medina Middle School are literally popping off the page. Teachers at Medina Middle say they are the first school in West Tennessee to get an augmented reality yearbook. A digital app allows students to put their tablets or smart phones up to a 3D page, for a cool video where students hear sounds from the school principal and even the football team. Students said they were surprised by the new technology. “Like wow, amazing, how did that happen,” Ty Schrotberger said, a 4th grade student. “I mean you couldn’t think that it could be an invention because it’s weird to just come up with an app that you can actually just show a picture and it’ll come to life,” Marley Stevens said, another 4th grade student. The free app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

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