Vandals tear up Madison County park

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Vandals tore up a public park this weekend in Madison County. The Madison County Parks and Recreation Department said it is still trying to figure out how much repairs will cost. Crews cut grass at Pugh Bourne Park on Tuesday. This weekend, workers said vandals did some landscaping of their own. “It looks like they had their fun, but it’s sure not fun for us,” Derek Long, a maintenance worker, said. Tire tracks, lots of them, cover a field at the park. Long said he thinks someone with four-wheel drive decided to do donuts, tearing up the lawn. “We put in hard work 10 hours a day, and to see something like this, it’s really upsetting because we try to have these parks looking spic-and-span,” he said. Madison County Parks and Recreation Director Ed Smith said he is not yet sure how much repairs will cost, but they have a limited budget. “It just takes away money from being able to improve other facilities that we have there,” Smith said. One park visitor said he is not surprised. “I don’t think it’s too serious,” Stephen Fuller said. “Just maybe some kids out — school’s done got out — so they might be out just playing around having a good time.” Smith said he believes people come in a lot of times when the park is closed. “We will try to do some barricades to block off some of those what we feel are the entry points,” Smith said. Long said it could take months for the grass to grow back. “Drive on the roads and not on the grass,” he said. If you have information about the vandalism or know who is responsible, call the Madison County Sheriff‘s Office at 731-423-6000.

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