NLRB hearing on union at Tenn. Volkswagen plant concludes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) – A two-day National Labor Relations Board hearing on unionization efforts at Volkswagen’s lone U.S. plant has drawn to a close in Chattanooga.

The German automaker is opposing efforts by a group of workers responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery and robots at the plant.

The maintenance workers, who make up about 12 percent of the total blue-collar workforce at the facility, want to hold an election to be represented by the United Auto Workers union for collective bargaining agreements.

Volkswagen argues that the 162 “skilled trades” workers shouldn’t be allowed to negotiate union agreements separately from the remaining 1,200-member production team.

A decision on the case is expected in the next few days.

The UAW last year lost a union election at the plant on a 712-626 vote.