Local skateboarders hoping for new skate park

EAST JACKSON — For many skateboarders, the skate park in Muse Park has been a great place to skate for years. Now, some skateboarders are complaining of the park being too worn down. “I grew up here in Jackson, and this park has been here forever throughout school and all,” local skateboarder Trent LaPlace said. “A bunch of people used to come here and have a great time.” LaPlace along with several other skateboarders are hoping to speak with Jackson city officials about a possible renovation. Although ramps and rails need to be revamped, the biggest thing LaPlace is hoping for is a smooth ground to skate on. He’s hoping the skate area can be moved over to another lesser used part of the park — the tennis court. “The cheapest thing would be moving it to the tennis court. It’s nice and smooth, no pot holes,” LaPlace said. Since skateboarding is prohibited in most public areas, skateboarders are hoping for a better place to skate safely. “Downtown has got a ton of great skate spots, but unfortunately we’re not allowed to skate,” local skateboarder Dalton Bartley said. “There are ‘no skateboarding’ signs all over the city.” Muse Park is operated by the Jackson Department of Recreation and Parks.

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