Biloxi feral cats elude rescue efforts in effort to relocate

BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — Two women are trying to relocate a group of feral cats in downtown Biloxi that they say someone’s trying to poison.

The Sun Herald reports Karen Whalen, who has fed the cats for over two years, set out cages with food in them on Thanksgiving. Her intent was to lure the cats into the cages and move them out of the city.

But the cats wouldn’t take the bait.

Whalen says a note went up recently saying the cats have to go. Later, she says she found what she believes to be antifreeze in one of the cats’ water bowls.

Lynn Strickler, another cat caregiver, says they plan to give some of the cats to the Stone County SPCA. She says the others can be wild in the country.