Carroll County investigates potential string of burglaries

ATWOOD, Tenn. — The doors of the Dollar General in Atwood are open all day — literally. Authorities said a burglar rammed the back of his truck into the glass doors and stole the store’s safe with around $1,000 inside. Bradford police spotted him, but he got away after running into the woods His abandoned vehicle left some clues. “Our investigation led us to discover that it was stolen from Bells,” Carroll County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Adam Meggs told WBBJ. Meggs said their evidence confirms what Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce told WBBJ in an interview just last week. “Most of the time these trucks are found later and used to commit other crimes,” Kylce said. That makes investigators think the burglary in Atwood and a number of others in West Tennessee could be connected due to the way the crimes were carried out. Authorities said the entire thing was caught on surveillance video but that they can’t release the video yet because they’re still investigating. While Atwood’s Dollar General is still open, residents said it’s unsettling that someone would commit such a bold crime. “It’s very terrible. They acted like they could do anything,” Atwood resident Diane Zeiss said. “They need to catch them because if it’s another, it might be another place they’ll do the same thing to.” Investigators said they only have a vague description of their suspect so they’ve requested video from similar crimes in the area but have yet to receive them.

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