City of Jackson leveling 20 homes for improvement project

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Crews knocked five abandoned homes to the ground Monday across the Hub City, and the city says it’s just the start. It’s part of a beautification project focused on 20 so-called eyesores. Residents who live near the homes say it’s something they’ve been waiting to come for months. “You walk out every morning and just think of what could be in there,” resident Paul Buntyn, who lives next door to one of the homes knocked down on Stonewall Street, told WBBJ Monday. “You never know because I don’t go over there and look and see, but you never know what could be in there that could be potentially hazardous, so it’s a good thing that it’s gone.” City officials said about 20 homes are going to be leveled. Those in the community said this is a step forward for the entire neighborhood. “That’s good though. Most areas need to be beautified,” resident James Mays said. “It’s a good thing because when nobody lives in a house it goes down, and then people try to start breaking in,” said Harriett Marshall, who’s lived on Middleton Street for 65 years. “It’s a good thing because maybe the city might build something else there.” “It brings up the quality of the neighborhood,” Buntyn said. “With that gone and all that said, it’s cleaned up. Beautiful place. It’ll be like the lot next door — beautiful.” City officials said they aren’t sure when the other 15 or so homes will be knocked down.

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