JCM focusing on game, not outside distractions

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EAST JACKSON, Tenn. – Week 11’s walkthrough for winless JCM is unlike any other. The goal is for the football team to end on a high note heading into the season finale because Friday could be the program’s final chapter. “I’m sure they’ve heard it. We’re not focusing on that,” assistant coach Cedric Hampton said. “We’re trying to play for our pride and our dignity. We’re going to play as hard as we can trying to close out with a victory.” “Really can’t do anything about it,” senior Braxton Bowers said. “Just go out there and play and do what you gotta do.” The future for the Cougars is out of the team’s control. Under the district’s Vision 2020 plan, the school could be shut down. “It would be devastating,” senior Jordan Hudson said. “I think we gotta go a little harder and get out first win.” “We haven’t really put a lot of stock into whether or not this would be the last game or if we’ll play another one,” head coach Orentheus Taylor said. Taylor added he doesn’t want to end the season 0-10. “We can’t get in the playoffs, so we might as well spoil someone else’s chances,” Taylor said. “I feel comfortable with us knocking them out if we do what we do,” Bowers said about Dyersburg. Bowers’ teammates feel the same. One of their motto’s is “I can, I will, end of story.” Ironically, Friday could be the end of the program. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. Try to go forward as things are going to be in tact,” Taylor said. “Plan is to coach this final game and move forward from there.”

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