Local travelers hit the holiday traffic

JACKSON, Tenn — Ten of millions of Americans hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, and West Tennessee saw plenty of traffic thanks one of the busiest travel days of the year. “Traffic was pretty crazy today,” traveler Cole Apsley said. “I mean wall-to-wall. Lots of lights. Lots of people.” “Everyone’s getting off from work and wanting to go on their trips so, just run into a lot of traffic that way,” traveler Amelanie Greer said. The Tennessee Highway Patrol said it is putting more troopers on the road to help remind drivers to slow down. “We’re trying to have a trooper every 20 miles the entire stretch,” Lt. Brad Wilbanks of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said. “Obviously this being the busiest day of the season so hopefully our presence people seeing us will remind them to slow down. Be smart. Drive smart.” THP said eliminating things like distracted driving like being on your cell phone while you are in the car could help avoid some crashes this Thanksgiving holiday. Drivers said it is as simple as just putting your phone away. “Saw a lot of texting today. Saw a lot of cell phones,” Apsley said. “Looked like a lot of distracted driving so i think it definitely does have effect on the traffic.” “Don’t do it because it’s dangerous,” Greer said. “I mean we look out our rear-view mirror and see people on their cell phone having to slam on their brake if we have to slow down, and, you know, it’s scary.” As of Wednesday night, the THP said they had not had any major crashes and have experienced only a few delays due to minor accidents. THP said another thing to be aware of is the potential for deer to be near roadways since it is deer mating and hunting season.

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