Scotts Hill setting the bar for future teams

REAGAN, Tenn. – After multiple seasons of being in the dark, Scotts Hill is shinning bright and leaping into new territory. “This is the one that turned it around. First time we got more than two wins,” said senior Hunter Pope. This year’s success makes quarterback Junior Kimmel appreciate his team’s humble beginnings. The junior says the biggest difference is the coaching staff. “They helped us from when we didn’t know what a snap was to what our record is now,” said Kimmel. “6-4 and going into the playoffs for the first time.” Making the postseason was never on the radar for head coach Michael Stroup. His goal was to win three games. “We figured something would come about. We didn’t know we’d be in the playoffs,” said Stroup. Some Lions are hungry for more than a playoff invite. “Come in with a bang and push on through like there’s nothing that can stop us,” said a confident Kimmel. Friday’s outcome against Loretto doesn’t effect Scotts Hill’s progress. This season has already been defined a success. “Coaches have congratulated us on where the program has come from and have bragged on our kids. That’s just a credit to the kids on the football team,” explained Stroup. The young football program’s next test is on the road against Loretto. Highlights and the final score of that game can be seen on 5th Quarter.

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