Zombie Paintball Trail makes a ‘spooky splash’

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Halloween comes a little early as avid zombie hunters converge to find walkers in the spooky night air. But this hunt literally adds a splash of color in the mix… make that several colors. Thursday night, a ‘Zombie Paintball Trail’ was held in Gibson County, giving attendees the chance to hunt down zombies and shoot them with a paintball gun. Organizers said the combination has been a real “scream”. “We have had a tremendous reaction. Everyone seems to really have a good time and there is not too many things that and old person can enjoy and a four-year-old can enjoy as well, at the same time,” said Barry Brittain, owner of the Zombie Paintball Trail. Thousands attended Thursday night’s ‘zombie hunt’, shooting more than 100,000 paint balls. The Zombie Paintball Trail goes until Saturday night, located at 1533 Mason Grove Rd near Humboldt.

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