Jackson gun and knife show draws crowd

JACKSON, Tenn.–  Gun enthusiast have been in the Hub City all weekend long for the Jackson gun and knife show.

gun show
“We’re up here at the Jackson gun show, lots and lots of guns, plenty of ammo lots of good stuff,”  gun dealer Steve Taylor said.

Gun collectors, hunting enthusiast and curious shoppers made it to the Jackson Fairgrounds for the gun and knife show. Thousands of guns, knifes and outdoor gear filled tables, catching the attention of buyers.

“It gives the people a market for a lot of stuff,”  Taylor said.  “You don’t have a store that can carry all the stuff that’s in this show right here.”

For some coming to gun shows can be a learning experience,”you can see the variety of things and if you have any questions the people here are experts so they can explain,”gun owner Erit Turner said.

Kelly Irby says she and her husband visit gun shows regularly for the camaraderie and deals.
“He likes to stay up to date on prices and what’s available out there,” Kelly said. “We’ve probably purchased 3/4 of our gun collection from gun shows. You get great prices and you meet a lot of like minded people here.”

“Where else can you come out and pick up a $7000 pistol,”  Taylor asked. “You don’t have to buy it, but you can look at it. We’ll be happy to let you look at it.”

With more than 350 tables of guns, the knowledgeable vendors are what keep buyers coming back.

“I think it’s good the people that work the shows are pretty nice and you can get pretty good information about firearms and safety and different things like that,” Turner said.

The next gun show will be held at the fairgrounds the weekend of July 16th.

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