Jackson postal worker honored for 50 years of federal service

JACKSON, Tenn. — What were you doing in 1966?

Postal worker recognizedFor Hub City postal clerk Richard Stowe, the answer is easy — he was beginning his 50-year career in federal service.

Stowe was celebrated Thursday afternoon at a special ceremony at the post office for his half-century milestone.

He served in the Navy for 15 years before starting his career with the USPS in 1981.

Stowe is currently an automation clerk with the central forwarding system.

“In my entire career of 20 years in the Postal Service, I only know of three people with that service years,” Postmaster Debbie Groshko said. “It does show his dedication to the job and to the organization as a whole.”

When asked about his most memorable experience, Stowe says it was when he was trying to get to work after a tornado hit Jackson in 2003. He turned around and tried to call the post office, but it was gone.

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