Traffic congestion at J-MC schools has some parents concerned

JACKSON, Tenn. — A concerned WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News viewer called our newsroom about traffic congestion and kids safety outside of some Jackson-Madison County schools.

School traffic issues“It’s like total chaos. I’ve almost been hit a few times,” said one viewer, who asked we not identify her for personal reasons. She says her three students go to Isaac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary School.

She said traffic can be so crazy in the mornings they sometimes miss school breakfast. “Because we get there in enough time, but the traffic is so congested we can’t get into the school.”

Some residents living along Westwood Avenue have said they’ve had to get out and direct traffic blocking their driveways during the afternoon from the Community Montessori school.

Our news crew spent about 30 minutes outside Isaac Lane Elementary during the Wednesday afternoon pick-up. The congestion didn’t seem to be out of control, but several drivers were observed breaking driving laws.

Drivers could be seen rolling past stop signs, parking on the sidewalk and driving the wrong way down a clearly marked one-way street.

District staff said some parents may be noticing more congestion because additional students have been rezoned this school year.

They are analyzing traffic patterns for possible solutions to some congestion issues, according to Ginger Carver with the Jackson-Madison County School System.

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