McNairy Co. Schools to get new water filtration systems

MICHIE, Tenn. — A new water filtration system in the McNairy County School System could cut costs for parents.

waterfiltration“It tastes like regular water,” Mia Malone, a fourth grader, said.

Malone filled up her water bottle Thursday at Michie Elementary School. The school installed five new water filtration systems this summer. “I like it because you really don’t have to hold your water bottle that much and you can just let it spray out,” she said.

The machine has a sensor. Students place their bottle underneath, and filtered water comes out. “We were trying to cut costs for parents to have to send a water bottle to school every day,” Cherish McGee, a teacher’s aide, said.

The school estimated they already saved more than 4,000 plastic water bottles this year by switching to the new filtration system.

Michie Elementary School Principal Matthew Alred said they hope students pick up health habits and stay hydrated. “It allows them to concentrate better, allows them to focus better, cuts down on a lot of the fidgeting for kids,” Alred said.

Malone estimated she fills up her water bottle about three times a day. “You get hydrated and you don’t get dehydrated,” she said.

McGee said each system costs about $2,000. Michie Elementary raised funds for five of them. The school said grant money will pay for two more systems on their campus plus two machines at all other schools within the county.

The district expects to have the rest of the water filtration systems installed in schools in October.

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