Make-A-Wish grants 15-year-old girl’s birthday wish

JACKSON, Tenn. — A surprised 15-year old girl was given an unexpected birthday gift Sunday from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the generous donation of a 17-year old girl that was once in her shoes.

“When you look at a kid’s eyes, like that in there awhile ago, that’s been through so much, and you see the excitement on her face,” said Jeff Fuller, a Make-A-Wish sponsor, “there’s nothing like that, there’s nothing like that in this world.”

At her birthday party in Jackson Sunday afternoon, Madison Lowrance, who lost her leg in a car accident, was granted her wish to go to the Mall of America.

“I have clothes, but I just wanted to be able to go on a trip and be able to get a lot more, because I just love clothes and shoes,” said Lowrance, Make-A-Wish recipient.

This wish was made possible by a past make a wish recipient, Morgan Fuller, who got the opportunity to go to Disney World before she passed away from cancer.

“These kids go through so much, we know personally, they go through so much heartache in their lives, and this is not just a wish,” said Jeff Fuller, “it gives them hope. It gives them hope.”

“It gives them looking forward to more things than just being in the hospital,” Wanda Fuller said, another Make-A-Wish sponsor.

The Fuller family said, in order to make this wish come true here today, their daughter Morgan sold thousands of bracelets to people all over the mid-south, raising over eight thousand dollars.

“We’re going to keep honoring Morgan, and this is how we do it,” said her dad. “We keep her alive by honoring her. We want to do what she wanted.”

Madison says, this is what she would say to her sponsor, if she were still here today.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done, and I’m grateful for it and lucky and blessed; because I never thought I’d get an experience like this,” says Lowrance.

Make-A-Wish said, Morgan also wanted to get the Tennessee area more involved in the foundation, that is always looking for sponsors and volunteers to help. For more information visit

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