Local churches come up with an entertaining way to unite their community

SCOTTS HILL, Tenn. — Cornerstone Church in Scotts Hill welcomed a new edition to their congregation this past May, a drive-in movie theater.

“It’s nostalgic. It’s inspirational. It’s motivational, and it’s something that our community really needs,” said Joanie Gant from the Cornerstone Church.

The pastor says, they choose movies that focus on the problems of everyday life.

“They’re just movies that show us that God is with us, that he is going to help us get through our situations, whatever we go through,” said Pastor Denny Broadway from the Cornerstone Church.

Representatives from the Cornerstone Church say, they hope their drive-in movies will not only unite their congregation, but the entire community.

“Teenagers can take their girlfriends on dates here for free instead of having to worrying about asking their parents for money,” Gant said. “The parents don’t have to worry about what they’re seeing because they know it’s going to be a faith based film.”

“Jesus Christ; the message stays the same,” Broadway said, “but the method in which we reach people has to be different.”

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in west Jackson is also in the middle of it’s Summer Movie Series.

“We wanted families from the parish and from the community to be able to come out and have a cool place to sit on a hot day,” said Derek Rotty, Director of Evangelization and Discipleship at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

The church is hosting one catholic themed movie night a month during the season. Sunday night had a Christmas in July theme with a fitting showing of, The Bells of Saint Mary’s.

“My experience is that a lot of these people, a lot of the people who we have here in the community,” Rotty said, “have never seen these great films.”

The Cornerstone Drive-In hosts free movie nights every Friday and Saturday around 8:15 pm.

You can find a full list of their showings at https://www.facebook.com/CornerstoneDriveIn/

St. Mary’s Catholic Church plans to show “The Miracle of Marcelino” at their next movie night, which is scheduled for August 13th at 6 pm.

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