Milan plant to close, cut all jobs

MILAN, Tenn. — Employees at a plant in Gibson County are learning they’ll be out of a job by the end of the year.

Futuris announced they’ll be closing the factory that’s been in Milan for decades.

“People need these jobs to make a living. Milan doesn’t have enough industry as it is,” said John Wheeler, who lives in Milan.

The company that manufactures seats for cars confirmed they will be closing by the end of the year, a decision that comes after it was purchased by Adient Company in September.

The new owners decided to optimize and relocate elsewhere.

Milan Mayor B.W. Beasley says it’s a decision that could put 140 at the company out of a job.

“We actually had hopes of an expansion out there, but Adient has multiple sites across North America, and what we’re hearing is those jobs will be spread out to their other sites,” he said.

Mayor Beasley says the company closing means not only lost jobs but an impact to the whole community.

“That’s people that shop at our local businesses and shop in surrounding towns as well,” he said. “It impacts the whole area in a variety of ways.”

Abby Sides works next door at a Chinese restaurant and says the layoffs will mean fewer customers for her business.

“They go out of business, that will mean a loss of costumers for us,” she said.

Mayor Beasley says he is working on an appeal to keep the jobs in Milan.

Even though he isn’t sure he will change the decision, the mayor is optimistic about the future.

“We are aggressively tracking new businesses,” he said. “I hate this is happening, but I feel good about 2018.”

The company says their last day in business will be Dec. 31.