Farmer brings ‘Rent the Chicken’ program to West Tennessee


McKENZIE, Tenn. — One farmer is helping West Tennesseans bring the food source closer to the table, one rental at a time.

For David Hochreiter and his family, raising chickens on his Henry County farm is a way of life.

“We got chickens for my son, and he loved them so much we decided to spread the chicken love to other people as well,” he said.

The farmer is spreading that love with his new business. “Rent the Chicken” allows people to rent chickens before raising them at home.

“I really wanted the opportunity for other children to experience the joy of growing chickens,” Hochreiter said.

For $400, anyone can have two chickens and farm-fresh eggs every day of the week.

The six-month rental period comes with everything you need to raise and care for the hens.

“You call us up and we will come and deliver the chicken coop, food and everything else you need,” Hochreiter said.

He says not only is it a learning experience but also a way to know where your food is coming from.

“This is a great way to get those farm-fresh eggs directly on your table from your backyard,” Hochreiter said.

But the program isn’t just for families. Hochreiter says schools can participate as well.

“It allows for the students to really get some hands-on experience in things such as life cycle,” he said.

Hochreiter says by the end of the rental period, many are ready for a different kind of pet.

“A lot of times when people rent our chickens, they end up falling in love with them, so there is an option to adopt,” he said.

To learn more about the Rent the Chicken program, visit their website at

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