Family loses everything in fire weeks before Christmas; Three dogs die in fire

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. — A day after a fire completely destroys a trailer in Halls, a sister is thankful because she says it could have been worse.

“Them not being here and knowing my niece is safe. That’s a blessing,” China Maltvy said.

Halls Fire Department say they got the call Wednesday around 12:20 p.m. afternoon about a fire on Steelman Road in Halls.

“We looked at our cameras and saw smoke rolling. We ran to the back door and there wasn’t anything there and we went to the front door and saw the shed on fire and called 911,” Maltvy said.

China Maltvy lives just next door to the home, she says it belongs to her sister Megan and husband Josh Kolwyck and their three and seven-year-old daughters.

“I went in with the trailer on fire me and another individual, not sure of her name, she came up here. Just ran from the road. We went inside and saved two dogs,” Maltvy described.

Officials say no one was injured but three dogs died in the fire.

Neighbors say they believe the fire started from a nearby trash pile. It got so bad it hit the house and even spread to a nearby field.

Amelia Greene lives nearby and says the family moved in just two months ago and the news of the animals hurts her.

“Oh, it kills me because I have two of my own. They’re dogs, but they aren’t dogs to me. They are my kids,” Greene said.

She says the community is stepping up to help.

“Our town of Halls is small, but it’s a well-knitted family,” Greene said.

As for China, she says having to see the damage each and everyday is tough.

“It definitely hurts. It’s hard to see it,” Maltvy said.

If you want to donate to the family, they have a go-fund me set up. Click here to help the family.

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