Alleged toxic chemical dumping leads to lawsuit against Lexington plant

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Many living in one West Tennessee community are demanding answers after allegations an industrial plant may be responsible for improperly dumping toxic chemicals near their homes.

Many who live nearby say they weren’t aware of any possible issues until they received a letter from Adient and a law firm representing families who live in the area.

“We received letters in the mail saying that there was improper dumping of chemicals, toxic chemicals,” said Lisa Hart, who has lived next to the automotive parts plant for 20 years.

She is one of dozens in the area that joined a lawsuit against the plant. The letter says tests show toxic chemicals used at the site were found in the air, soil and water around the area.

“I’ve had cancer, and my husband has several health problems,” Hart said. “I don’t know if that contributed to any of that, but I’m anxious to find out.”

Malcolm Futhey is representing the families. He says the plant is currently owned and operated by Adient and previously owned by Johnson Controls.

Futhey says the contamination happened through the dumping of toxic chemicals around the site.

“There’s actually a toxic plume that’s on the groundwater underneath the industrial plant, and it’s heading south towards the main part of town,” Futhey said.

Futhey says Weston Solutions was hired by Johnson Controls to test the surrounding areas.

“During the phase two testing, they found out that there is significant contamination,” he said.

We reached out to both Johnson Controls and Adient. Both companies say they are unable to comment at this time.

A community meeting was held Tuesday evening at the Henderson County Courthouse for people who live in the area to ask questions and find out more regarding the lawsuit.

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