Bill Lee campaigns in Lexington

LEXINGTON, TN —  A gubernatorial candidate makes a campaign stop in West Tennessee.

Tuesday afternoon, Republican nominee Bill Lee talked political issues with supporters in Lexington.

A major topic of discussion was the state’s healthcare.

“I think one of the things we got to do is look at a model that’s not working. Rural hospitals are closing because our model is not working and our system is fundamentally broken,” says Lee.

He also expressed how he plans to make the system better.

“When we can address the cost of healthcare,” Lee says, “then we can address coverage and access to folks in every part of Tennessee and in particular rural Tennessee.”

He did not stop there, Lee also plans to take on prison reform.

“Our recidivism rate is 50 percent. That’s crime repeated over and over again across our state,” he says.

The gubernatorial candidate says that transitional housing, job training, and job placement are critical for those coming out of incarceration.

“What we want to do is make their reentry much more successful, so that they can be successful citizens and not return to prison,” Lee says.

Lee faces Democratic nominee Karl Dean in the general election.

Lee says he plans to visit every county in the state of Tennessee leading up to Election Day on November 6.