Paralyzed Trenton police officer returns to work after miraculous recovery

TRENTON, Tenn. — Trenton police officers recall the day fellow team member Xavier Keys was rushed to the hospital with pains in his chest and shortness of breath.

“His blood pressure was messy. I didn’t know what to make of it. He looked bad. He sounded bad,” said Lt. Eric Horne of the Trenton Police Department.

At the hospital, Keys suffered two strokes that left him paralyzed on his right side.

“That was the most scary part; was not being able to do anything and not being able to talk. That was the hardest part,” said Officer Xavier Keys of the Trenton Police Department.

But Keys says, inspired by the support of his family, the department, and the entire community, he refused to give up.

“My goal was to show my kids and kids in the community that no matter what you’ve been through, you can make it,” Keys said.

And make it, he did.

After 4 months of rehab, Officer Keys came back to work Thursday for his first full duty shift since the incident.

“And I can tell you now, I never thought he would walk back in this building in the same capacity that he is today,” said Horne.

“I know the community is going to be very much looking forward to seeing him out on the street again in his patrol car with the big smile that he has,” said Chief Bill Cusson of the Trenton Police Department.

Trenton officers say miracles happen, and Keys is living proof.

“It felt real good to be back around these people, these guys,” Keys said. “It meant the world to me.”

“Love you Xavier,” said Horne. “Everybody here does. They’re glad to have you back.”

Officer Keys was first taken to the hospital on May 5. Since then, he says he has endured extensive rehab three days a week. He has been on light duty at the police department since July.

Officer Keys says he is thankful to the entire community for the generous donations and fundraising events held in his honor.

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