Local veterans organization unveils WWII memorabilia display

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Korean War and Vietnam War veteran Richard Amidon recites one of his favorite poems, one that commemorates those who have served.

“Thank you for your service, the sacrifices made, and thank you for the lives that some so freely gave,” Amidon said.

At the Huntingdon American Legion Post 47, members reflect on World War II veterans by unveiling a flag that was once flown over the U.S.S. Arizona memorial.

“The importance of what this thing stands for and the men lost,” Amidon said. “You know 1,100 men went down. They’re still there.”

“May God bless all of them that didn’t make it to their families,” Vietnam War veteran and legion member Bobby Russom said.

Not only is this unveiling a way to display a little bit of World War II history here in West Tennessee, but it’s also a way to help remember those who have served as well. The unveiling took place Monday afternoon at the Huntingdon Courthouse along with other displays of wars in which many of our current veterans fought.

“There’s a little enough history that goes back to cover these events, and the children, they don’t realize it, and we’re trying to preserve a lot of this,” Amidon said.

The flag was given by Lewis Carter, a 47-year member of the organization, when it was brought to him by his daughter in 2001.

“So if you meet a veteran, wherever you may be, stop and tell them thank you and then you just might see,” Amidon said as he continued to recite the poem. “We’re all in this together, it’s proven tried and true. There’s no place like America, the red, the white, the blue.”

A display to remember prisoners of war was also set up for the event taking place at the American Legion Hall in the courthouse.

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