What’s New Wednesday: Gonzalez Pupuseria y Restaurante

Andres Gonzalez was born in El Salvador.  He and his family moved to West Tennessee from Los Angeles since he says his wife brought him here.

“It’s always a woman. Love is the only reason that makes sense,” says Gonzalez. “Eventually, I was going to have my own restaurant that was a part of my dream as I left Los Angeles.”

And now, that dream of opening an El Salvadorian restaurant is a reality. Gonzalez Pupuseria y Restaurante: the name may be hard to say, but the food is easy to eat!

“When you think of Salvadorian, you say pupusas, pastels, and empanadas,” said Gonzalez.

The family owned restaurant opened just three months ago and customers are already loving the taste.

“I love how it’s crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. It’s that sort of sensation where you kind of get like a chocolate chip cookie, crunchy on the outside moist on the inside. It’s perfect! Imagine that, but in an empenada,” says first-time customer Jordan Randles.

“The difference is the condiments and spice. Central American is very mild in comparison to other foods in Latin America,” says Gonzalez.

“I mean the flavor is incredible!” says Randles.

Incredible flavors foddies have to try and an unforgettable experience across the globe in the Hub City.

“When it comes to a food experience, it’s not just about the food, it’s about the people and environment and this establishment has all of that,” says Randles.

Gonzalez Pupuseria y Restaurante is located 31 Bowling Drive in North Jackson.

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