Family hopes to find closure by locating their missing dogs

MADISON COUNTY., Tenn. —  One family hopes to find closure, by finding their dogs that went missing after they were involved in a car accident. It was early morning, Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

Heather Dewitt and her family were traveling west on Interstate 40 near the Haywood/Madison County line when their car rolled over and crashed.

“It was horrifying to see a mother try to help her children and can’t help them because you’re helpless at the time,” said Dewitt.

Although her family has recovered they’re still trying to find closure. Dewitt says during the accident some of her pets became unaccounted for.

“Where are they taking my children, where are they taking my husband, I’m not from here I’m from Pennsylvania I don’t know where I’m at,” said Dewitt. “I didn’t expect this to happen. Meanwhile 6:30 in the morning my fur babies got ejected.”

Although they recovered most of them, her chihuahua, Zoey and hound dog, Princess are still missing. A second chihuahua, Skittles, was found at the scene a day after, but later died from its injuries. The family occasionally visits the area, leaving behind personal items in hopes that their dogs can pick up on their scent.

“We’re on social media, we’re out searching still,” said Dewitt. “We got our personal clothes out there, clothing, our personal items, anything to bring the scent back.”

Now almost a year later, Dewitt says all the family wants is closure in finding their lost pets. She says they are just fortunate the crash wasn’t worse.

“You know we’re still stuck with that trauma but we’re alive to this day this is amazing, it’s is a miracle,” said Dewitt.

If you have any information in regards to the missing pets, you can contact Heather Dewitt at (731) 445-3782.

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