Health department helps students prepare for next school year with vaccines

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some students spent one day of their spring break getting ready for next school year by getting shots to prevent several diseases.

“Today we have an extended-hours clinic,” said Shanna Shearon, regional epidemiologist for the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department. “You can walk in. You don’t have to have an appointment for your child to get their immunization.”

“They’re going to need a polio, they’re going to need an MMR, and they’re also going to need a DTaP,” Shearon said.

The health department is taking advantage of this week being spring break.

“It makes it a little more opportune for the parents to be able to get their kids in here for their vaccinations, and it also beats that rush in the summer,” Shearon said.

Getting these vaccines is required by the Jackson-Madison County School System.

The immunization walk-in clinic at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department wasn’t just for kindergartners.

“We don’t want to forget about our students entering seventh grade. They also need a TDaP, Gardasil and then meningitis as well,” Shearon said.

The walk-in immunization clinic closes at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Don’t forget, the clinic stays open until 6:30 the last Tuesday of every month as well.

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