Public gets to know the Jackson mayoral candidates at ‘Mayoral Forum’

JACKSON, Tenn.–Tuesday’s Jackson Mayoral Forum invited the public out to hear the candidates discuss topics leading up to the city of Jackson’s Municipal Election.

Candidates Scott Conger, Dr. Jerry Woods, Jimmy Eldridge, Mark Johnstone and Vicky Foote, who made an appearance via video.

Each candidate was asked a variety of questions such as, if elected how would the improve the quality of life in Jackson, or if given $10,000,000, how would they use it and even more relaxed questions such as what is their favorite songs?

Some people who attended said the forum was a great opportunity for the public to get to know the candidates better.

“These kinds of events are absolutely essential, I mean you need to have the candidates side-by-side,” said Lee Wilson, from midtown Jackson.

“Well, I wanted to get a feel on their perspective, where they were coming from, and I think tonight’s forum allowed me that,” said Bodie Gentry, from east Jackson.

“There’s a lot of themes that are recurring with each candidate, I think coming to an event like this gives you a real interpersonal insight,” said Landon Preston, from north Jackson.

They also said the forum helped them to decide which candidate they would want to vote for.

“Somebody who’s focused on the future,” said Wilson.

“Leadership, I mean not compromise, but leadership,” said Gentry.

“What I’m looking for is who is the person whose going to do that with the most clarity, and strength and visionary leadership,” said Wilson.

Some expressed aspects they feel the next mayor should focus on if elected to office.

“I have 3 small children, so that’s important to me, how do they view what the future of Jackson looks like and how can they make it a better place to live,” said Preston.

“The closing of the Jackson YMCA, they’re talking about health, perspective and getting healthy, and the YMCA closed down,” said Gentry.
Early voting begins April 17 and continues through May 2. The Jackson Municipal Election is set for May 7.

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