Jefferson Award: Dan Brooks

Seventy-three-year old Dan Brooks has been involved with the Regional Interfaith Association, known as RIFA, for many years.

“It’s all about taking care of those that are hungry in our community and that’s what I love about it. It brings tears to your eyes what RIFA does for the community and their families,” said Brooks.

He’s been on the RIFA board for 11 years. He is also the chairman of the RIFA thrift store which provides gently used closed at low cost to the community.

“The last 10 years have been unparalleled growth and Dan has been a key player,” said Dan Ward, RIFA volunteer coordinator.

Brooks is also a key player with the Jackson Arts Council, volunteer leader with Boy Scouts for 14 years, and substitute teacher at North Side High School.

“I just retired from 39 years at Macy’s and my job hours were taking over my life. I needed God and needed a change in my life and this is what started the change,” said Brooks.

“You won’t find anyone that doesn’t say he’s a wonderful guy,” said Ward.

Brooks keeps himself busy with a lot on his plate.

“Sometimes I think I say ‘yes’ too often and I got to say ‘no’ sometimes because it can be a lot!” Brooks laughs.

Yet, he continues to say  yes to RIFA.

“I want to see them grow and anything they need for help that I can do, I am here,” said Brooks.

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