Former students of Barber School stop by to gather belongings

JACKSON, Tenn. — The lights were on at the Barber School Thursday, but not because class was in session.

The school was open to allow former students to come in and collect their belongings.

The owner of the school, Torrus Brooks, says they had to shut down when the U.S. Department of Education said they could no longer receive financial aid.

“There was no way possible that we could afford to educate at the same pace and same quality, so I decided as the owner that it was best to close the institution,” Brooks said.

Some students are continuing their studies elsewhere.

“This is where I first started at, got all my work in, learned how to be a good barber,” former student D’Andre Woodfork said. “I’m going to miss it, all the good people coming through, but sometimes you’ve got to move on.”

Woodfork, who spoke with WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News when the school closed earlier this week, is finishing his degree in Brownsville.

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