What’s New Wednesday: The Positive Living Group

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! You’ll want to check out a new facility in downtown Jackson that is putting a positive spin on this epidemic.

The Positive Living Group, a new facility, is aiming to start a positive approach to helping mental health issues.

“The Positive Living Group is a new mental health facility in downtown Jackson focused on positive psychology intervention,” said Caleb Vivio, The Positive Living Group’s masters therapist.

Local therapists hope to help people live healthier lives through unique services like massage or cupping therapy, biofeedback, one-on-one psycho therapy, dry-needling by a licensed physical therapist and much more. They also offer specialized treatments including: marriage and family therapy, intensive trauma treatment, and life coaching.

“We want to provide you with positive tools so you can handle whatever life throws at you,” says Vivio.

The Positive Living Group also has book clubs, vision board parties and meditation sessions. It is located at 112 North Liberty Street in Jackson.

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