2019 ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign kicks off in West TN

JACKSON, Tenn. — Buckle up if you are hitting the road, or else you may face consequences.


Officials with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office say last year, nearly 300 people killed in Tennessee crashes were not wearing a seat belt.

They’re on a mission now to get that number to zero.

This week the Tennessee highway safety office is launching their 2019 ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign. They will be partnering with law enforcement agencies across the state to enforce seat belt safety.

“We all know that you have to wear a seat belt, not only is it the law but it does save lives,” said Karla Lipford with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. “And that’s our main goal, we are out here to try to save lives.”

“Officers are going to be out throughout West Tennessee and the Jackson-Madison County area and surrounding communities doing everything that they can to insure these communities are safer places to drive, protecting our citizens,” said Captain Jeff Middleton with the Lexington Police Department.

Karla Lipford says this campaign is less about writing citations and more about informing drivers.

“We are trying to educate the public out here to let them know that seat belts are important,” Lipford said.

“We’re going to be out there doing what we always do, what we’ve always done,” said Captain Middleton. “No matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice.”

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