Multiplying Good: Ola Graham

Sixty-nine year old Ola Graham is a retired mammographer. She now spends her time volunteering in the community.

“She gives from a place of love and she tries to instill hope,” says Ola’s daughter, Mia Moore.

She is a greeter at New Saint Luke Baptist Church. She is involved in the Master Gardener Club through the UT Ag Extension Program and RIFA, Regional Interfaith Association.

Graham is a heart attack survivor. She lost her husband to colon cancer.  That’s one of the reasons why she feels the need to visit patients at the Kirkland Cancer Center every week.

“I have volunteered there since 2014 in the chemo department. I greet patients, smile, a smile is very important,” said Graham.

Graham is one of eight siblings to graduate college. Her hard work ethic doesn’t end there, Graham donates supplies and clothes to students in need at North Side High School.

“I also give the blankets and water if they need,” said Graham.

Graham believes actions say a lot more than words.

“That’s what life is about. It’s being with other people. Encouraging people is very important,” said Graham.

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