Multiplying Good: Ann Cupples

Five days a week, 77-year-old Ann Cupples drives a school bus filled with Liberty Technology Magnet High School students to Regional Inter Faith Association or RIFA for the “Work to Learn” program.

“I enjoy seeing the children. I enjoy seeing them advance and come out of their shell,” said Cupples.

The program allows high school students to learn hands-on job experience. For the past three years, Cupples has helped the student volunteers pack food for those in need.

“They are like my own grandchildren. I wouldn’t ask them to do anything that I can’t do. I try to teach them responsibility,” said Cupples.

Cupples also drives special needs students to JMCSS and drives students on field trips during the summer.

“She is the driving force to keep them on task.  She is so wonderful with children. She is a blessing to be around. We’re honored to have her at RIFA,” said Dan Ward, RIFA volunteer coordinator.

She hopes she inspires students to grow and learn each and everyday.

“It is important to be nice, to be friendly and to work. That is what really makes me feel good,” said Cupples.

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