Experts give tips for winter car care

JACKSON, Tenn. — Cold weather has arrived in West Tennessee, and it’s time to make sure your car is winter ready.

When the temperature drops, it can be quite difficult to keep your car in good shape.

Experts at Old Hickory Car Care Center have a few things you should remember as winter arrives.

“Let your car run for a few minutes before you just jump in and fire it up and take off. A lot of times people just let them run for 5 or 10 minutes, get the heater, get it nice and warm before they take off,” said Billy Amos, manager at Old Hickory Car Care.

Experts say to keep your gas tank full, which decreases the chances of moisture forming in the gas lines or possibly freezing.

Amos says it’s also important to check your battery and tire pressure.

“Pressure is known to fluctuate with the temperature outside, just a few pounds difference, that makes the light come on, and properly inflated tires will also increase fuel mileage and what your car handles,” Amos said.

Amos says an emergency kit could also come in handy.

“Just a blanket, even flares or something like that, or the reflective triangles you can pull out, in case you are on the side of the road, you want people to see you,” Amos said. “Make sure you have your tire changing tools with you, a little battery powered air pump.”

But no matter what time of year it is, experts say you should keep your car well-maintained.

“Check your antifreeze and all your fluids and make sure everything is good there,” Amos said. “Tires, you want to make sure you have good tread as well as your tires inflated properly. Wind shield wiper blades, washer fluid.”

While the cold weather we have now is more of a tease of what’s to come, you can get in a good car maintenance habit early in the season before cold weather is here to stay.

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