Residents adjust to record-breaking cold

JACKSON, Tenn. — It may still be Fall, but after the recent wintry conditions it has many thinking winter has already started.

“I think it’s wonderful that the sun is shining on my face. I do feel warm,” said resident Ronald Bryant. “Do the best you can to be warm and at the same time be hydrated.”

People have been out and about in this record-breaking cold trying to make the best of the day, and for some it’s been an adjustment.

“Very, very cold. Me being from Louisiana, a lot further down south, it’s very, very different from me,” said resident Bernard Patrick. “The colder it get, the faster I walk, keep my legs warming me up.”

Monday’s evening winter weather meant closures for many schools in West Tennessee.

The Jackson-Madison County School System says they decided to close due to potential risks for ice and the cold start to the morning.

While that possibility of ice and bitter cold conditions did impact students in West Tennessee, there is one organization getting ready for the cold conditions Tuesday night to help those who just can’t escape it.

Area Relief Ministries and various churches had already started taking in people over the last few weeks as the nights get colder through the “Room In The Inn” program.

“This is a very important time of the year for us to be helping the homeless population because it’s going from 40 degrees to 17 degrees at night,” said Michael Roby, Director of Area Relief Ministries.

Roby says he feels it’s important to have more shelters available going forward.

“We are desperately in need of an emergency shelter for the city of Jackson I believe, whether opening a building, public building,” said Roby.

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