What’s New Wednesday: Salis Halotherapy

Three best friends opened a halotherapy salt cave in north Jackson.

“We live in one of the highest sinus infections areas. We just thought this really helped us and really thought people can benefit,” said Patti Walker, co-owner of Salis Halotherapy.

“Salis” means salt in Latin.

“Salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It penetrates the pores as it blows in the room and helps with stress.  Salt has negative ions to release good feelings in your body,” said co-owner Katherine Remedies.

Never heard of halotherpay? Well, they say it’s a a natural alternative and complimentary way of improving respiratory issues, skin conditions like acne, stress, anxiety, and athletic performance.

“The ambiance is incredible. They have the salt on the floor. They have salt lamps. It’s extremely soothing,” said frequent customer, Wesley Harris.

Guests can come in for single or group therapy sessions ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. All you have to do is put on your shoe covers, sit back, relax, inhale and exhale.

“Think of a Netty pot and how it can clear out your congestion except I can sit in a chair and read. It’s something new and homeopathic without medication. I feel like I can breathe easier and not as much congestion. It’s been great! It is highly effective,” says Harris.

Salis Halotherapy is located at 80 Innsdale Cover in between Fasshun Icon and Woodstock Bake Shop in North Jackson. It is open Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-7 p.m.  Families and friends can purchase gift certificates. You can also call and make an appointment or walk-in.

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