Hospital holds open house for bereavement room

JACKSON, Tenn. — Mothers going through a miscarriage will now have a safe space to go for help and resources.

The Jackson-Madison County General Hospital held their Bereavement Room Open House Wednesday morning.

Officials say it is a space for mothers who are experiencing a miscarriage or who have just tragically lost a baby.

The space will provide privacy for the family to grieve.

There will also be resources like bears with their baby’s heartbeat and burial boxes that grow wildflowers.

“When moms come in that are miscarrying, they have different options to take care of their baby. Home burial is one of those options, and this is something that we can provide for them,” said perinatal bereavement education coordinator Addy Grisham.

Officials with the Jackson-Madison County Hospital say the room is in partnership with Heaven’s Cradle.

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