Childbirth simulator offers nursing students new ways to learn

JACKSON, Tenn. — The University of Memphis Lambuth campus now has one of the world’s first augmented reality childbirth simulators.

The simulator, named Lucina, and her baby Tori, helps students learn how to handle labor and delivery.

“She will provide our students with a variety of experiences related to normal deliveries, but also emergency deliveries, those high risk deliveries that they don’t get a lot of experience with,” said University of Memphis Lambuth campus assistant dean of nursing Dr. Christie Manasco.

Nursing department leaders say the simulator will give students a new way to learn care practices.

“So that they can, you know, make sure we have good outcomes with the mother and the baby, and they can do this in a safe learning environment,” Manasco said.

“That experience allows students to gain the confidence and advance their critical and clinical reasoning,” said Loewenberg College of Nursing dean Dr. Lin Zahn.

Students will get to wear hologram lenses that will allow them to visualize the passage of the fetus through the birth canal.

“[It] provides the opportunity for them to not only see the birth as it occurring, but to wear the Microsoft HoloLens as it’s occurring and see what is actually happening inside the mother, so they will understand how what they are doing with that mother and that fetus, that baby,” Manasco said.

“Lambuth sees the the excellent example of how they integrate technology into the teaching and to provide the high quality education for our students,” Zahn said.

“We are very fortunate that we are the only school in the West Tennessee area who has this simulator and this technology,” Manasco said. “As professors are explaining what’s occurring, students can have the opportunity to see virtually what she is talking about and kind of learn and experience in a way that they never have before.”

Members with the school of nursing say the simulator costs more than $100,000.

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