Henderson County becomes Second Amendment sanctuary county

HENDERSON CO., Tenn. — Across the country, some local governments are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, with the latest being Henderson County.

“February 11th, our Henderson County Commission met and I presented to them a resolution to become a Sanctuary City for the Second Amendment,” said Henderson county Mayor Eddie Bray.

Mayor Bray says that resolution passed unanimously.

“Henderson County opposes any federal or state laws that would infringe on the citizen’s Second Amendment right to bear arms,” said Bray.

Mayor Bray says this does not mean that residents of Henderson County will no longer have to obey the law. Gun owners will still have to follow all rules and regulations regarding firearms.

“It’s really a platform for the governor for different ones to see, for the congress, for whoever to see that, ‘hey in Henderson County we’re standing for that. We believe in that Second Amendment right,'” said Mayor Bray.

Brays says close to 2,800 people are hand gun permit carriers in Henderson County, and his job is to represent the people.

“It just shows them that the leadership here in our county is respectful of their rights and that we’re proactive, and that we’re going to protect their rights,” said Bray.

Many of the Henderson county residents we spoke to say they are in support of the Second Amendment.

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