Security company stays open while your business closes

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local security company plans to keep watch during the cornavirus shutdown.

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Maxxguard in Jackson will stay open during the pandemic and offer its security, armed courier and patrol services 24/7.

Workers say they’re already providing security for several non-essential businesses in the area who closed their doors.

The company says it will hire employees of non-essential businesses who were laid off due to their workplace closing.

To apply, stop by the Maxxguard office during the week.

“As a security company, we have a role. Law enforcement can only do so much. As a security company, we’re hired directly by the client and we’re able to provide exactly what they need,” Maxxguard president Frankie Lax said.

To request security services for your business, call Maxxguard at (731) 427-7222.

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