Patient updates, business closures addressed in daily press conference

JACKSON, Tenn. — City leaders gave an update on what they’re doing to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in a press conference Thursday.

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During the conference, we received an update on the first positive coronavirus patient in Madison County.

“Our staff has contact with her on a daily basis. She’s doing exactly what she’s been instructed to do. And, she’s recovering with no problems,” said Kim Tedford, Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Director.

Another thing we’re hearing a lot about is different organizations and people wanting to help make masks for healthcare workers.

“Obviously the heart and the mind of the people wanting to do that, we absolutely appreciate that,” said West Tennessee Healthcare CEO James Ross.

But Ross says the N-95 masks used by health officials do go through strict testing to make sure they’re providing the necessary protection for the hospital’s employees.

“We’re hesitant about utilizing those masks, but we appreciate the thought process that our community is wanting to provide,” Ross said.

And Jackson Mayor Scott Conger says the city does have people going out to check and make sure all non-essential businesses are following that executive order and staying closed.

“It’s very interesting, the number of complaints we’re getting about businesses still being open,” Conger said. “So, they’re also doing that on a complaint basis as well. They are checking those businesses as best as they can with the manpower we do have.”

It is the City Code Department and Jackson Police Department driving around checking on those businesses.

And Conger says it is okay to pick up food inside a restaurant, you just can’t sit down to eat it there.

“Preferably they would do it curbside, but there’s no provision in the order that doesn’t allow them to go in and pick the food up,” Conger said.

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