Dyer Co. High School displays tribute to seniors

NEWBERN, Tenn. — Hundreds of photos of Dyer County High School’s Class of 2020 can be found lined around the school.

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It was done as way for the community to recognize and celebrate the graduating class who didn’t have a chance to enjoy their final weeks of school on campus.

“We want to make sure that they feel the opportunity to be celebrated for their academic accomplishments, for their sports organizations, all of the traditional ways we celebrate our students,” said Dyer County High School Principal Laura Brimm.

Brimm says that all 271 seniors’ pictures can be found on display all around the school. She says the seniors have even continued to be supported in the community through social media.

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“We’ve got a Facebook page just for the senior class of 2020. We also have our video board that’s running 24/7 along our football stadium,” Brimm said.

The signs have been there through the weekend and will eventually be given to the students so they can continue to share that milestone with family and friends.

Brimm says it helps bring a much needed positive impact during this pandemic.

“We love our Choctaws, and our motto is, ‘Once a Choctaw always a Choctaw,'” Brimm said. “And that’s proven to be.”

Brimm says there are still plans to hold graduation for the seniors on May 15. She says the school will be making sure they adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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