Health dept. employee tests positive for COVID-19, hospital amends visitor guidelines

JACKSON, Tenn. — As of Wednesday morning, there are a total of 191 COVID-19 cases in Madison County. 179 have recovered or say they’re feeling better.

Health Dept

“We have had an employee here at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department test positive for COVID-19, I want to ensure the public that this employee has not had any contact with any of our patients,” said director Kim Tedford.

The hospital is keeping up with their supply of PPE, and they have a new visitation guideline. Any visitor must have a photo ID and then be given a sticker to show they’ve been tested.

“Since we’ve been tracking our information, we’ve had seven deaths. That’s not only for Jackson/Madison County but for all our West Tennessee Healthcare Systems,” said James Ross, CEO of West Tennessee Healthcare.

Mayor Scott Conger says the city is currently working on the Fiscal Year 21 budget, and preparing for the worst.

Mayor Harris says the community is doing good, but everyone still needs to be cautious.

“This is a very precarious situation we’re in,” Harris said. “So far so good, but it can change in a heartbeat. And I just want to plead with everyone to social distance, wear your masks and wash your hands.”

One thing we are seeing: high school sports teams beginning to practice for the upcoming season. But health officials say the stands could be looking different this fall.

“The stadium and stands might not look like they did last year on Friday night,” Tedford said. “There may be people spread out in lawn chairs, around the football field.”

The COVID-19 task force is also in talks with the school system about what it will look like for students to get back in the classroom this fall.

“That’s gonna look different across the state. It’s gonna look different in different communities. Because of the way the virus has effected those communities,” Tedford said.

And Tedford gave kudos to protesters here in Jackson for wearing their masks, decreasing the risk of spreading the virus.

The health department is also talking with different entertainment venues to make sure they’re keeping bands at least 15 feet away from patrons.



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