Hospital confirms highest number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized yet

JACKSON, Tenn. — Monday marked the highest number of patients to be hospitalized at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jmcgh Stats July 13

“The number of COVID patients continues to go up here in the hospital. We have a total of 54 patients this morning, which is the highest number of patients we’ve had so far,” West Tennessee Healthcare chief compliance and communications officer Amy Garner said.

At 10 a.m., 22 patients were in the ICU, and 12 were on ventilators.

Only eight of those 54 cases are Madison County residents. One of them is on a ventilator.

“That’s not a good trend that we’re seeing as far as our hospitalizations,” Garner said.

Hospital Numbers July 13

Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department director Kim Tedford said it’s not just hospitalizations on the rise, it’s total cases.

“We hoped that the mask mandate would decrease the spread in the community, but we are certainly not seeing that yet,” Tedford said.

And expect more positive cases to be confirmed on Tuesday.

“I know that since our cutoff this morning at 9:30 to give Mallory time to get the press release out, we have gotten several more positive cases,” Tedford said.

She said they also report more cases on Monday due to delays over the weekend.

This weekend, the state’s system was down for maintenance Sunday morning.

“That creates an even longer lag time because that is the platform where electronic labs get reported into the state,” she said.

Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris said Monday he saw more people wearing masks over the weekend.

“I just ask you all to stay diligent, protect yourself, but also protect your family and your friends and your neighbors,” Mayor Harris said.

Mayor Harris said one more jail employee has tested positive for the virus, and four more are quarantined due to exposure.

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