Mayor Conger speaks with COVID-19 survivor

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson Mayor Scott Conger spoke with Todd Lewis, Tuesday. Lewis was the first patient to be treated for Coronavirus at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

Through video chat, Lewis shares his battle with COVID-19.

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“I had been not feeling well. I took my son to Tipton County and I woke up the next day, wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home,” Lewis said.

Lewis said doctors tested him for COVID-19 and days later he received the results. Lewis says he was having trouble breathing.

“I woke up that morning and told my wife I needed to go to the ER,” Lewis said.

He ultimately ended up in the ICU and was placed on a ventilator. Lewis says he can’t remember everything he went through, but says the experience was difficult.

“Those eight days, I got the ventilator taken out, went to the COVID floor where I completed my recovery and then got to go home,” Lewis said.

“[He is] 38-years-old, almost the same age as me,” Mayor Conger said. “Healthy guy, no pre-existing conditions.”

Mayor Conger says it’s important to share COVID-19 survivor stories to help people understand what it’s really like to have COVID-19 and for people to understand how serious the virus really is.

“These are people that are going to the hospital. This is someone’s family member and friends, neighbors, that are in the ICU and on ventilators,” Mayor Conger said.

Lewis says he hopes his story can show people how COVID-19 can affect people in different ways and he wants people to take precaution by social distancing and wearing a mask.

“I don’t know, you can take the chance and say this is nothing.  You see what happened to me,” Lewis said.

“We have to take it very seriously, and we have to do all of our parts to protect ourselves and each other,” Mayor Conger said.

Lewis says he is grateful for his family, and it was his faith that helped him get through a very difficult time in his life.

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